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National Forest Recreation Area

To meet the recreational and educational needs of our citizens, the Forestry Bureau started the forest recreational business in 1965. Following the nature of resources available in different regions, 18 Forest Recreation Areas are renovated and open to the public for recreational purpose. From the tropical monsoon forest in Kenting to the temperate Pseudosasa plantation on Hehuanshan and from the small and gorgeous Liyu Lake of Chihnan to the vast and boundless Mien Nao (Taipingshan), these Parks are unique in their own rights, offering various relaxing excursions of quality with refreshing mountains and forests for our citizens to explore yet another aspect of the gorgeous Taiwan.
National Forest Recreation Area

Forest Park

In order to utilize the plain reforestation born from Taiwan’s agricultural transformation, expand the recreational space for citizens, and initiate sustainable development for local industries, the Forestry Bureau established 3 Flatland Forest Parks in succession: Danongdafu Flatland Forest Park with organic rice farming and rift valley landscape in Hualien, Aogu Wetlands Forest Park with an international-level birdwatching paradise in Dongshih, Chiayi, and Linhousilin Forest Park that coexists with low-altitude farms in Pingtung. Flatland Forest Park is close to people’s lives. It is not only an excellent destination for excursion, but a splendid window of humans and nature living in harmony that combines with the industries of local communities to allow people to appreciate an industrial landscape of “Life, Production, and Ecosystem” and serves the functions of recreation and environmental education.
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