Nature Education

Nature Education Center

In order to promote nature conservation and action, we develop the system of Ecocenter as the window for the pubic to learn about the natural environment and reserves in Taiwan, while serving as the action platform for local conservation works. In the adjacent areas of reserves, 9 Ecocenters are established with the emphasis on the natural ecology as well as conservation of the neighboring reserves. Visitors may learn about the protected areas in Taiwan and how precious and vulnerable biodiversity is through presentations, tours, and conservation education activities, and adopt practical eco-friendly actions in the respective lives as such.

Ecological education hall

Upholding the principle of “creating a happy learning environment amidst the authentic forest”, the Forestry Bureau selected 8 existing parks to be renovated as Nature Centers, offering quality spaces for citizens to get close to and cherish forests and to practice conservation actions. Through the medium of Nature Center, you can easily appreciate the mystery of Him and connect to Nature in the best classroom, “Forest”. Conservation, education, research, culture, and recreation are combined together with diverse programs and local specialties so that you can witness the learning paradigm of sustainable forestry and environmental ethics while enjoying an intellectual time to the fullest in the forest.
Other Parks: